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A chronological reference for the

site of St. Peter's Cathedral

122 BC a dike made of wooden poles protects the port of Genua
122-121 BC After the defeat of the Allobrogues, Geneva is incorporated into the Roman Empire
121-100 BC Carrouge is probably the camp site of a garish of Roman soldiers
58 BC Julius Caesar cuts the bridge across the Rhone in order to contain the Helvetic migrations into Gaul.
260-277 AD The Allamans raid the Geneva area
c. 275 Geneva is raised to rank of city: fortifications are built around the hill and along the lakefront
c. 300 A large residence is built on the hill
350 The first Cathedral (North) and first baptistry are begun
c.400 Heated cells for priests
Construction of the South Cathedral and a second baptistry are built
443 The Burgondes take power; Geneva is their first capital
c. 450 A heated reception hall for the Bishop is built with a mosaic floor
500 The city burns during the wars between Gondebaud and Godegisèle, brothers and kings of the Burgonedes
513 Sigismond, the son of Gondebaud, finishes construction of the North Cathedral, and asks Pope Symmaque for the relics of St. Peter.
516 Sigismond becomes king of the Burgondes
534 The Burgondes are conquered by the Francs; Geneva becomes part of the Merovingien empire.
563 A third cathedral and associated buildings are begun
600-699 The buildings are remodeled and enlarged
700-799 The buildings are remodeled and enlarged
800-899 The buildings are remodeled and enlarged
900-999 Enlargement of the third Cathedral
c. 1000 One cathedral is begun on the site of the former three.
1034 Emperor Conrad II confirms his coronation in St. Peter's and is proclaimed King of Bourgogne and Italy.

The present Cathedral is begun

The late-Empire fortifications are abandoned

c. 1200 The choir of the Cathedral is finished
c. 1299 The vaults of the nave and the towers are finished
1405 The Macabee Chapel is finished
1407 Clémence, the bell, is made and hung
1850 - 1859 The first archeological investigation under the Cathedral by J.D. Blavignac
1878-1888 Restoration of the Macabee Chapel
1890-1901 Restoration of the Cathedral
1973 Beginning of restoration of the Cathedral
1976 The present systematic archeological investigation begins
  The colors used here to define epochs are those used by the Site under the Cathedral.


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