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Investigating Nyon

At our school we are investigating where we are in time and place.
Where we are is on the shore of Lac Léman, near Nyon, in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.
Where we are in time is the beginning of the 21st century.
In a framework of artifacts, people, content and context, we wonder
Who lived here before us?
What was it like then?
What was the same, and what was different?
How can we find out?
How can we share what we learn?
Click on the pictures above or the links below
to share our investigations through simulation, exploration and problem solving.



Nyon in the past
Nyon today
Nyon's Roman Museum
the Rhone River


Celtic design
sketching artifacts
Cooking in Augusta Raurica
Quick llink here to Class 5P at the Nyon Roman Mueum


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