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a temporary exhibit


L'éclairage dans l'antiquité


Lighting in Antiquity

15 May 2003 - 30 April 2004
Among the lamps in the exhibition were these two Phoenician lamp (right) from the 7th century BC and (below) a 4th century BC
Phonecian lamp
For almost a year, a special exhibit on artificial light in antiquity was held at the Nyon Roman Museum. The first museum show on this theme to be held in Switzerland, it brought together 150 lamps, lanterns and candelabra discovered or in collections in Switzerland.
Phonecian lamp
(right) This late 5th century lamp is from Greece.


This lamp on the right, shaped like a snail, comes from Smyrna

This lamp in the shape of a bull's head is from the 2nd century AD
This fish shaped lamp dates from the 3rd - 4th century AD, and was found at the St. Bernard Pass.
This large bronze lamp was found in Nyon, and dates from the 1st century AD
These 2 bronze lamps are from 3rd to the 4th century AD. The one on the left is in the form of four birds with open beaks, from Turkey. The one on the right was found in Nyon.
These two pages from plant collections are among many in the show used to illustrate the source of wicks (linen, on the left) and fuel oil (olive, on the right).
This picture shows the top of a 4th century AD silver candelabra from Augst (Basel)
The catalogue of the exhibition LVMIERE! is available from the Nyon Roman Museum, rue Maupertuis, C.P. 265, CH-1260 Nyon 1. (Switzerland). ISBN 88-86752-23-7
Click here to visit the Nyon Roman Museum's web page about this exhibit in English, or in French.


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