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the Nyon Roman Museum



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the front door at the Nyon Roman Museum  
rue Maupertuis, Nyon, Switzerland
Local and Canton government agencies concerned with archaeology are involved when building permits are issued, and a representative of the Archaeological Service is always nearby when digging begins.


The people of Nyon have always had a close relationship with the past, because each generation has enlarged, remodeled, reconstructed, or otherwise built upon the first urbanization: the Roman Colonia Iulia Equestris (Noviodunum).

Whenever a hole is dug in the ground, to remodel an older building or to begin a new construction, to repair or replace sewers or streets, there is a chance that Roman or medieval remains will be found.
The Nyon Roman Museum is financed and run by the city of Nyon, and is responsible for preserving archaeological finds in the district of Nyon
Click here to find out more about archaeology in Nyon today
Click here to find out about one of the agencies working with the Canton of Vaud, Archeodunum Click here to see other pictures of the outside of the Museum
Inside the Museum
The crane model
The basilica construction model
Special Exhibit: La Pierre en Images (4.2000 - 4.2001)

Special Exhibit: LVMIERE! L'éclairage dans l'antiquité (5.2003-4.2004)

Model of quarrymen at the Nyon Roman Museum
Model of a Roman architect at the Nyon Roman Museum
poster for La Pierre en Images exhibit at the Nyon Roman Museum
Roman oil lamp at the Nyon Roman Museum

Visit the museum with

Class 5P

Experimental Archaeologists from ACTA at the Journées du Patriomoine
September 2004

Follow this link to the MRN's page about the Special Exhibit "Mothers and young children in Roman times"

Temporary Exhibit: Nouveaux venus
Newcomers in the Roman Museum (June through October 2004)

student in the Roman Museum in Nyon gladiator at the Nyon Roman Museum

7 October 2004 to 24 April 2005
"Giving and receiving life – a path of pitfalls but also of emotions and happiness…whether 2000 years ago or today!"
This page is a good resource for information about family life, mothering,and childhood.

wall painting at the Nyon Roman Museum

Read (in French) accounts in the local newspaper, La Côte, of recent finds, and the work of the Museum.
"Volunteers clean a mountain of pot shards"
27 August 2003
"Roman drains and colors"
17 September 2002
"Cremation burials and a wooden tub are discovered"
4 November 03

"Has the wall of a Roman palace been discovered?"
4 July 2002

"Romans playing hide and seek"
8 April 2003
"Recent discoveries featured in a new exhibition"
27 June 2004

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