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The Archaeological Site of St. Peter's Cathedral in Geneva

Students in Class 6 sketching architectural stones

Members of the class are sketching blocks displayed in the museum area of the Site. These stones were recycled by builders in the 12th century as foundation material when the present Cathedral was begun.

Stones being drawn by the students in the movie are:

Lion in half-round relief,from the XI - XIIth century, used in the foundation of the actual building (begun in 1150). The head was damaged in the present repair work.
Design in relief from the door frame of the XIIth century.
Capital from an earlier crypt, from the XI - XIIth century, used in the foundation of the actual building
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Fragment of a Carolingian chancel, from c. 800 AD.,used in the foundation of the actual building
student drawing of pattern recycled block
display of foundation stones student sketching pattern
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