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This photo was taken by astronauts on board the United States Space Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour on October 11, 1994, at 10:12 am, at an altitude of 204 kilometers.. The center of the photo is at 46.5° North latitude, 7° East longitude.

Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) is at the bottom of the image, with Lac Neuchatel, Lac de Morat, and the Lac de Bienne (Bieler See) to the left center. To the left of the three lakes are the Jura mountains. The Rhone river enters Lac Léman to the east (the right in the picture), and exits the lake at its south end, through Geneva. The Rhone originates at the Rhone Glacier, which would be just off the picture in the upper right hand corner, and decends to the lake through the Valais between the Bernese Alps (on the left) and the Valaisan Alps (on the right). The Mt. Blanc massif is the large white group of mountains in the lower right hand side of the picture.


This is photo ST068-168-133, from the NASA Earth from Space image gallery


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