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Inside the Nyon Roman Museum

with Class 5

Investigating the scale model of the basilica under construction

Class 5 visited with H. Lienhard, who built the scale model of the basilica. He explained that everything in the model is to scale - even the weight of the stone blocks being lifted, and the tension in the ropes on the cranes!

Children were able to see which walls in the model corresponded to the ones around them, in the museum.


We learned that the crane in the model would really work (if we could find tiny humans to run inside the wheel)


Scale model builders are to archeologists the way that house builders are to architects - they follow someone else's plans.


We learned that the finding of a fibula among the foundations of the basilica indicates that women had been there during the construction.


We learned that archaeologists don't know exactly where the cranes were erected during construction. The one in the model is placed where it would logically have been useful.


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