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Nouveaux venus

"New acquisitions"


working on the basilica

In 1991, and again in 1995, the city of Nyon worked on the sewers and paving of the rue du Vieux Marché and the rue Maupertuis. This digging allowed archaeologists to further explore the area around the basilica.
basilica info
The areas uncovered in 1991 allowed the Nyon Roman Museum to expand into the newly found section of the basilica. The work in 1995 uncovered an annext to the basilica, comprising 3 rooms and an abside, whose purpose is not yet understood. Perhaps one of the was the curia, where the city council met, and others were the treasury and the city archives.
click here to go to learn more about this area of town on the Walking Tour of Nyon, or here to go to the Nyon Roman Museum's page about the work.  


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