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Nouveaux venus

"New acquisitions"


a fragment of wall

wall fragment
wall design
A fragment of wall, with its painted decoration still visible. These walls were excavated in 2002-2003, under a section of the present rue du Vieux-Marché. In Roman times, there was a street running east to west. This wall comes from the south side of the street. Click here to go to the page about this section the Walking Tour in Nyon Today.
Based on the fragment, archaeologist suggest that the wall might have looked like the painting shown on the information panel in the museum. The red and yellow suggest that the walls were painted in the 2nd half of the 2nd. century because they are similar to colors a house in Ostia, Italy and in a cryptoportico in a villa in Berne, Switzerland.
map of wall find
  In the Museum, a large photograp of the excavation of this area hangs over the wall fragment.



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