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Come with us on a walking tour of Nyon...

10. rue de la Porcelaine

The amphitheater
The Archaeology Walk
1 Place Perdtemps
2 Esplanade Jules César
3 rue du Vieux Marché
4 Esplanade des Marroniers
5 rue Nicole
6 rue Delafléchère
7 rue du Marché
8 place du Marché
9 place Bel Air
10 rue de la Porcelaine
11 the Roman Museum
More places to visit
Porte St. Marie
rue Juste Olivier
the Church
place du Château
the aqueduct
the Villa in Commugny
ruelle de la Muraz

A roof is being build over the exposed walls of the arena to protect them from the weather while money from the Municipal budget is made available to complete a project designed to make the arena usable for shows and concerts, while preserving the ancient walls.
The older building visible in the background, behind the arena, was a porcelain factory from 1781 to 1813, and then a ceramics factory until 1981. It gave the street its name. Nyon porcelaine is still made today: it is white with gold trim, painted with small, delicate flowers. A sign at the site shows an aerial photograph of the dig as it progressed in 1996, and a map showing the location of the arena in relationship to the town.































What do you do when you find an arena?

Click here to join Class 5 from La Châtaigneraie as they visit the site in June 2004.

Click here to go to the Nyon Roman Museum's page about this site Read (in French) the newspaper story about the progress of the project for the arena. Read (in French) details of the archaeological investigations carried out by Archaeodunum S.A.
Click here to see some of the artifacts in the Roman Museum which were lost in the amphitheater in the last 2000 years. To see aerial photos of the arena, visit (Choose "Nyon" from the frame on the left, then "L'amphithéâtre romain de Nyon" - be patient; this is a very slow -loading page).  



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