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Come with us on a walking tour of Nyon...

1. place Perdtemps


The Archaeology Walk
1 Place Perdtemps
2 Esplanade Jules César
3 rue du Vieux Marché
4 Esplanade des Marroniers
5 rue Nicole
6 rue Delafléchère
7 rue du Marché
8 place du Marché
9 place Bel Air
10 rue de la Porcelaine
11 the Roman Museum
More places to visit
Porte St. Marie
rue Juste Olivier
the Church
place du Château
the aqueduct
the Villa in Commugny
ruelle de la Muraz
map of Nyon
(Blue: first phase of construction, Red: second phase of construction, White: Roman road network)

One of the glass information panels  in Nyon.


The English text reads:
Nyon, Roman colony - About 45 BC, shortly after the conquest of the Gauls, the Romans founded Colonia Iulia Equestris on the shores of Lake Geneva, between the Gex region, the Jura and Aubonne. Noviodunum, the urban canter of this territory was built on the very site of the present town of Nyon. Archaeological investigations are regularly carried out here during building and civil engineering projects. It has been possible to preserve the basilica of the forum, which has housed the Roman Museum since 1979, and the amphitheater, discovered in 1996, but most of the unearthed remains are recorded and then reburied. The most important of these are indicated by flagstones on the roads.
the Grand Rue in Nyon
The Grand Rue, which follows the same trace as the Roman's cardo maximus, or "main road". On the map above, it is the road marked near number 5.
An archaeological dig on Place Perdtemps in 2003.

Stratagraphic cut at the archaeological dig on Place Perdtemps in 2003.

Work shopped for an archeological exploration of a building site at Place Perdtemps in the summer of 2003. Roman and medieval walls were found, photographed, mapped, and destroyed as the new building continued.

A series of walls from Roman houses built in two, or perhaps three, successive stages were found here, along with some coins and ceramics

Read (in French) articles, in the local newspaper, La Côte, about this work.
"Romans playing hide and seek" (8 April 2003)
"Noviodunum shows itself" (20 March 2003)
Use to translate a web page from French to English.

A glass urn  from a cremation tomb found in Nyon.
One of the glass urns from a cremation tomb found in place Perdtemps that can be seen in Nyon's Roman Museum.













































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