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Come with us on a walking tour of Nyon...

Caesar's Tower


The Archaeology Walk
1 Place Perdtemps
1. Place Perdtemps
2 Esplanade Jules César
2. Esplanade Jules César
3 rue du Vieux Marché
3. rue du Vieux Marché
4 Esplanade des Marroniers
4. Esplanade des Marroniers
5 rue Nicole
5. rue Nicole
6 rue Delafléchère
6. rue Delafléchère
7 rue du Marché
7. rue du Marché
8 place du Marché
8. place du Marché
9 place Bel Air
9. place Bel Air
10 rue de la Porcelaine
10. rue de la Porcelaine
11 the Roman Museum
11. the Roman Museum
More places to visit
Tour de César
Porte St. Marie
Porte St. Marie
rue Juste Olivier
rue Juste Olivier
the Church
the Church
place du Château
place du Château
the aqueduct
the aqueduct
the Villa in Commugny
the Villa in Commugny
ruelle de la Muraz
ruelle de la Muraz
Caesar's tower Caesar's tower
In the middle ages, Nyon was surrounded by a wall, intersperced with towers. Only this one, known as Caesar's Tower, is left. Built in the 11th century, it is the oldest preserved building in Nyon. Before the level of the Lake was controlled through engineering projects, water came to the base of the tower.
The Roman god Attis looks out from a nitche in the tower. The original statue is still in the tower; the one in the Nyon Roman Museum is a copy. Attis
place Hermanjat
  Map used with permission of the Archéologie cantonale Vaudoise - Archéodunum SA





































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