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Come with us on a walking tour of Nyon...


6. rue Delafléchrère

The cryptoportico


The Archaeology Walk
1 Place Perdtemps
1. Place Perdtemps
2 Esplanade Jules César
2. Esplanade Jules César
3 rue du Vieux Marché
3. rue du Vieux Marché
4 Esplanade des Marroniers
4. Esplanade des Marroniers
5 rue Nicole
5. rue Nicole
6 rue Delafléchère
6. rue Delafléchère
7 rue du Marché
7. rue du Marché
8 place du Marché
8. place du Marché
9 place Bel Air
9. place Bel Air
10 rue de la Porcelaine
10. rue de la Porcelaine
11 the Roman Museum
11. the Roman Museum
More places to visit
Tour de César
Porte St. Marie
Porte St. Marie
rue Juste Olivier
rue Juste Olivier
the Church
the Church
place du Château
place du Château
the aqueduct
the aqueduct
the Villa in Commugny
the Villa in Commugny
ruelle de la Muraz
ruelle de la Muraz

The text in English reads: The cryptoportico of the forum - the forum, an architectural complex of several buildings and divided into a public and a sacred area, formed the administrative, political, legal, economic and religious center of Colonia Iulia Equestris. The cryptoportico, which was discovered beneath this street, was a long semi-basement gallery that served as a sub-foundation for the three elevated porticoes that separated the sacred area around the temple from the forum. Apart form its role as an architectonic support, the precise function of this gallery - with the shade and freshness that it provided - is not known. It was completed in about 50 AD, and a statue in Carrerra marble, most probably depicting the Emperor Augustus, was discovered there in 1997.
On the map:
Blue first phase of construction, Red second phase of construction, White Roman road network

The drawing on the sign shows a reconstruction of the statue of Augustus, which can be seen in the museum. Move your mouse over the drawing to see the statue.
Though not all of the area sacra has been found because it is burried under modern Nyon, such building followed a classic pattern in the Roman world, and archaeologists are able to describe it based on finds in other locations. Move your mouse over this photo of the model in the Museum to see the Roman temple in Nimes, France.

The area sacra of the forum was discovered in 1940. Enough architectural fragments were found to allow archeologists to to build a model of the forum. Some of the pieces were erected in the Place des Marroniers in 1958 for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of Nyon.


Click here to see the Nyon Roman Museum's wep page
Click here to seea photo of the cryptoportico from the VRoma archives.
Click here to see sections of frise found here in a temporaty exhibit at the Nyoon Roman Museum.  





































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