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Come with us on a walking tour of Nyon...

8. place du Marché

The covered market

The Archaeology Walk
1 Place Perdtemps
2 Esplanade Jules César
3 rue du Vieux Marché
4 Esplanade des Marroniers
5 rue Nicole
6 rue Delafléchère
7 rue du Marché
8 place du Marché
9 place Bel Air
10 rue de la Porcelaine
11 the Roman Museum
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Porte St. Marie
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the aqueduct
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ruelle de la Muraz
Information panel  at place du Marché, Nyon
Nyon map
Blue: first phase of construction, Red: second phase of construction, White: Roman road network

The text in English reads: The covered market - The present Place du Marché disclosed the remains of a food market constructed in about 50 AD. This building comprised several shops disposed on either side of a central paved courtyard, as well as a small apse probably embellished with a statue. It is one of the rare examples of a macellum built by the Romans north of the Alps. This building mainly ensured the supply of meat, poultry and fish. The beef ribs and shoulder bones discovered piled in a corner of one of the shops suggest, more vividly still, the actions of the butcher and the eating habits of the citizens of this Roman city

Move your mouse over the drawing of the macellum to see today's place du Marché.

On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, this square is crowded with market stalls and shoppers, as the photos below show.

The Roman covered marked, and place du Marché, Nyon
A butcher on Market Day in Nyon
A bakery  on Market Day in Nyon
On market days, the square is full of people selling sausage, bread,
A mushroom stall Market Day in Nyon
Selling olives Market Day in Nyon
mushrooms and olives,
Vegetable stall Market Day in Nyon
Selling spices Market Day in Nyon
fruits, vegetables and spices

Read (in French) about the archaeological investigations of the market carried out by Archéodunum S.A.

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